Billie Holiday For Ever

“I'll Never Be The Same” :

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This site is dedicated to Billie Holiday and especially to the story, life and music of Lady Day when she travelled to Europe in 54 and 58.

As a matter of fact, during the forty four years of her short life, Billie visited Europe just three times (1954-58 and ’59) and each time her visits were brief.

As a young singer she rarely went outside America and then only to Canada, early in her career she toured the southern states of America, and from 1942, crossed the country from East to West, but never returned to the South where she had been mistreated. She loved New York and Los Angeles, but Billie did not welcome travel. After her first European trip in 54, she did go out to Alaska, Hawaï and back to Canada.

Europe tempted her through the reports of her friends Roy Eldridge and Lester Young, but with the exception of the UK, Billie was not as well known as her instrumentalist colleagues.

If the duration of her visits were short ( five weeks in ’54, three weeks in ’58 and just a few days in ’59) they were even shorter in France and limited to Paris.

The site proposes rare documents of these stays in Europe and mainly:

  2. an extremely rare CD: BILLIE HOLIDAY IN EUROPE 1954/1958
  3. rare photos of Billie in Europe and in the States.
  4. RAREMASTERS OF JAZZ” CD’s: Volume 18. Volume 19 volume 20 volume 21 not available in stores.
  5. Profile of the site manager, other interesting sites.
  6. Very rare DVD.