Everything Happens For The Best

Everything Happens For The Best


Always blue all in a mist
It’s plain as can be
You’re so mean to me
But everything happens for the best

You always play around
You’re running my heart
So deep in the ground
That O.K. everything happens for the best

I loved you so madly
Knew you would be true
Now this thing has happened dear
It’s over all over because we’re through

So sorry dear it end this way
Since the world begin
The old folks say
Everything happens for the best

Song Notes

One of Billie’s earliest compositions, showing her nascent sophistication as a lyric writer with every verse taking on a unique rhyme scheme. While not considered one of her classics, it’s certainly a gateway to her masterpieces like “God Bless The Child” and others that would contain similarly unexpected musical and emotional turns. Innovation was in her soul.

Recording session: Session #35: New York, March 21, 1939 on the Vocalion label, Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra with ‘Hot Lips’ Page (trumpet), Tab Smith, Kenneth Hollon, Stanley Payne (saxophone), Kenny Kersey (piano), Jimmy McLin (guitar), John Williams (bass) Eddie Dougherty (drums), Billie Holiday (vocals).

– liner notes of 10-CD set “Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia (1933-1944)”

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